Why Choose Organic Sunscreens to Protect Your Skin

Back in the days before the industrial revolution took place, all products that existed never needed to have a label “organic”. That is because synthetic chemicals were not invented at that time and the producers of food and other products used natural or “organic” materials in their manufacture.

These days it is entirely a different story. There are so many products out on the market that have synthetic chemicals, genetically modified ingredients and man made atrocities, that the term “organic” needs to be displayed on products manufactured using natural ingredients and not artificial.

The term “organic” though has a certain uncertainty about it even now. It has been used very widely and thrown out amongst the mix of products claiming to be organic. There is however a difference between a product labelled “organic” and “certified organic”.

The difference between “organic” and “certified organic” is that one word “certified”.

A company can use the term “organic” if the product is made from organic materials, yet, it does not have to contain all organic materials used, it might be just one material used.

The “certified organic” product has been made from all organic material, meaning no genetically modified materials, synthetic chemicals and man made herbicides / pesticides.

So when you are looking to choose an organic sunscreen, choose one that has “certified organic” ingredients rather than just “organic”

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