What is Organic Sunscreen?

Organic Sunscreen is a product that does not have any man made chemicals added to the ingredients. There is a difference between Organic and Certified Organic, but usually it is the ingredients that make the product Organic.

Our Organic Sunscreen products are all certified organic and have passed rigorous TGA (Therapeutic Goods Australia) testing. They are all made in Australia from local or imported ingredients.

What is the best Organic Sunscreen product available?

There is not one organic sunscreen product that is the best. It all depends on what you want in a sunscreen. Some sunscreens are made with different ingredients and therefore have differing appeals.

For example the Wotnot sunscreen can be quite thick and sticky to apply with a strong zinc aroma. It is a very effective sunscreen though and is very popular. However, there are others that are not so thick and easier to apply.

Again, it all comes back to what you want.

What are nanoparticles and how do I know if your Organic Sunscreen has them?

Nanoparticles in Organic Sunscreen relate to the amount of

How does Organic Sunscreen Work?

The active ingredient in organic sunscreens is Zinc Oxide which blocks UV-A and UV-B sun rays. Normal sunscreens only protect against UV-A rays, or rather they absorb the rays rather than deflect them like most organic sunscreens.

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